BGMI 2.5 Beta Patch Notes (Battlegrounds Mobile India 2.5 Update)

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A short patch note of the BGMI beta version has been released, which contains lots of new items. All the items added in this update are amazing and will boost your gaming experience. Companion up-gradation, new modes, and some more items. All the important skins have been shared here, so make sure to check them out.


  • New Backpack feature
  • New Skill – Jet-Boost Board
  • World of Wonder Gameplay Updates
  • New item – Portable Trampoline:
bgmi landing

Pubg/Bgmi 2.5 Update Release date

PUBG MOBILE version 2.5 will be available on March 13-15 and 2023 at 5:30 AM.

All-New Themed Games (Available from 2023/2/16).

Map: Erangel

  1. Themed Areas You can unlock crates in the large themed area, Imagination Plaza. Advanced resources can also be obtained by occupying marked buildings. Once the four marked structures have been unlocked, players will be able to compete for the large crate bearing the “5” logo. This will give them more resources. You can also find more crates in the Imagination District, which has smaller themed areas.
  2. Block Cover: You can find it in crates all over the map. It comes in three shapes. They can be used to create a protective wall that can be used as a cover, bridge, or elevator.
  3. A new item – The Portable Trampoline: You can find it in crates or all over the map. Once it has been placed, players can launch themselves into the air with a single touch and move quickly.
  4. A new item: The Portable Cannon. You can find it in crates all over the map. Once it has been placed, players will be able to use it to launch throwables and themselves far away.
  5. World of Wonder Gameplay Updates (Available from 2023/2/16)**
  6. For a richer gaming experience, we added more maps and other items.
  7. Enhanced features

That’s all about PUBG/BGMI 2.5 Beta Patch Notes – PUBG 2.5 Update Release Date. In this update, lots of new and exciting things have been added, and I’m sure you will love this update for sure.

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