BGMI C2S4 Tier Rewards (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

BGMI Cycle2 Season4 Tier Rewards: BGMI Cycle2 Season4 tier reward is out and here in this article I will be sharing all the upcoming tier rewards in the next season. All these rewards can be availed by reaching at their specified tier for free.

Stick to the end of the page and I will let you know everything which rank will get what in Cycle2 Season4. All the rewards are in golden color, and it looks amazing that all the rewards are matching of same color.

C2S4 Silver Tier Reward

At silver tier, a glass in golden color is available to grab for free and looks pretty with a unique design and looks pretty with the given set. To get this for free, all you have to do is to reach the silver tier, and it can be yours.

BGMI C2S4 Silver Tier Reward

C2S4 Gold Tier Reward

Here we have got an outfit set which looks gorgeous. You can grab it by reaching Gold Tier and when you wear the golden color glasses with the set it has amazing looks.

BGMI C2S4 Gold Tier Reward

C2S4 Platinum Tier Reward

At platinum, we have a parachute skin in golden green color with Cycle2 S4 is printed on it. You will be able to collect this reward by reaching the platinum tier.

BGMI C2S4 Platinum Tier Reward

C2S4 Diamond Tier Reward

At the diamond tier a free gun skin of MK14 which looks like glacier skin and for free this is an exclusive item that I have found in this season. Reach the Diamond and grab this awesome skin.

BGMI C2S4 Diamond Tier Reward

BGMI C2S4 ace reward

Previously Ace used to give Parachute skin but this time Parachute skin is moved to Platinum and a golden color face mask is added in the Ace Tier. Players will be able to claim by reaching Ace.

BGMI C2S4 Ace Tier Reward

BGMI Mobile C2S4 Ace Master Tier Reward

Here comes the another reward that you can collect by reaching at Ace Master, at Ace Master a free Headgear in white color looks like a wig is added this time. Reach at the Ace Master tier and collect it for free to add in your inventory.

BGMI C2S4 Ace Master Tier Reward

BGMI Mobile C2S4 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

Here comes a free Avatar for C2S4 like all the rewards, you will be able to collect it for free by reaching at this tier. At Ace Dominator, there are even more exclusive rewards along with this, so make sure to claim them too.

BGMI C2S4 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

BGMI Mobile C2S4 Conqueror Tier Reward

Conqueror is the highest and more honored reward of BGMI, and every season we get a new frame for free with the season name printed on it. This time the conqueror avatar frame added is of C2S4 which stands for Cycle1 Season4. If you can reach Conqueror, then this beautiful looking frame can be yours.

BGMI C2S4 Conqueror Tier Reward

These are all the tier rewards you will be getting in the C2S4 reward. I hope this would be useful for you. Which is your favorite item from the above list just let us if you love to share it with us.

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