C5S13 BGMI Tier Rewards (Battlegrounds Mobile India)

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BGMI C5S13 tier reward is out, and here in this article, I will share all the upcoming tier rewards in the next season. Can avail of All these rewards by reaching their specified tier for free.

Stick to the end of the page, and I will let you know which rank will get what in Cycle4 Season11. All the rewards are in orange and black type color, and it looks incredible that all the rewards are matching of similar colors.

Battlegrounds Mobile India(BGMI/PUBG)

Battlegrounds Mobile India is an officially authorized combat and mobile survival game based on the popular battle royale concept where 100 players parachute into an island and battle with each other till the last man stands. It has been developed and published by Krafton with help from partners across the globe for the aspect of development, engineering, customer service, esports, marketing, and payment partners. A free-to-play, multiplayer experience from KRAFTON, players can battle it out in diverse game modes, which can be squad-based or even one-on-one. Featuring diverse maps with different terrains in a virtual setting, BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA utilizes the full capabilities of Unreal Engine 4 to bring alive fantastic worlds augmented by 3D sound to build a truly immersive experience on a mobile phone.

BGMI All Tier Rewards (Cycle5 Season13)

Tier Rank BGMI C5S13 Tier Rewards
BronzeSupply Crate Coupon,300 season token
SilverC5S13 Goggle, Classic Crate Coupon,350 season token
GoldC5S13 Outfit, 400 season token
PlatinumC5S13 Parachute, 500 season token
DiamondC5S13 Gun, 600 season token
CrownC5S13 name tag, rating Protection Card, 800 season token
AceC5S13 Mask, 1000 season token
Ace MasterC5S13 headgear, ace master title, 1000 season token
Ace DominatorC5S13 Avatar, Team-up effect, 1000 season token
ConquerorC5S13 Frame, Title, special effect, 1200 season token

C5S13 Silver Tier Reward

At the silver tier, the goggle is available to grab for free. Earlier at Silver, we were given a glass for free; all you have to do is reach the Silver tier, which is yours for free.

silver tier rewards
C5S13 Silver Tier Reward

C5S13 Gold Tier Reward

Here we have got an outfit set that looks ok. You can grab it by reaching Gold Tier, and when you wear the cap with the set, it has impressive looks.

gold tier rewards
C5S13 gold Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Platinum Tier Reward

Here comes another reward that you can collect by reaching Platinum, at Platinum a free Parachute in black and pink color that looks amazing. Reach the platinum rewards tier and collect it free to add to your inventory.

platinum tier rewards
C5S13 Platinum Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Diamond Tier Reward

At the diamond tier, a free gun skin of groza looks blue, yellow, and light green color skin, and for free, this is an exclusive gun and the best item of C5S13 tier rewards. Reach the Diamond and grab this excellent skin absolutely free of cost.

C5S13 Diamond Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Ace Tier Reward

Here comes another reward you can collect by reaching Ace. At Ace, a free mask in black and red color that looks like a wig is added this time. Reach the Ace tier and collect it for free to add to your inventory.

ace tier rewards
C5S13 Ace Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Ace Master Tier Reward

Another reward you can collect by reaching Ace Master is a free red and orange headgear cap that looks like a wig. Reach the Ace Master tier and collect it for free to add to your inventory.

ace master tier rewards
C5S13 Ace Master Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

Here comes a free Avatar for C5S13. Like all the rewards, you can collect them for free by reaching this tier. At Ace Dominator, there are even more exclusive rewards along with this, so make sure to claim them too.

ace dominator tier rewards
C5S13 Ace Dominator Tier Reward

BGMI C5S13 Conqueror Tier Reward

BGMI provides the conqueror with the highest and most honored reward, and every season we get a new frame for free with the season name printed on it. This time conqueror avatar frame added is of C5S13. If you can reach Conqueror, then this beautiful-looking frame can be yours.

conqueror tier reward
C5S13 Conqueror Tier Reward

These are the tier rewards that you will receive in the C5S13 reward.


What are the tiers in BGMI?

●Ace Dominator.
●Ace Master.

Is Ace Tier good in BGMI?

The players at the Ace tier take their gaming seriously and have excellent gun skills, tactics, rotations, etc.

What is the conqueror tier?

Many players aim to reach the Conqueror tier, which is the highest tier imaginable and is only available to the top 500 players in the game.

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