Next Premium Crate (BGMI Upcoming Premium Crate)

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With every season, BGMI come up with 2 new Premium Crates and a custom crate where you can get lots of rewards either for free or with UC. If you have premium crate coupons, then it becomes cheaper, or I should say free.

In this article, I will be taking you through all the upcoming rewards in the next premium crate of BGMI. These rewards might change at the time of final release because it is in beta testing, but 90% chance is to be seen once the next premium crate gets released.

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BGMI Next Premium Crate Items

  1. Merry Tidings Set: The Merry Tidings Set looks very similar to Santa, with a white mustache and impressive headgear. The dress is full of small watches, gifts ingredients. If you want this amazing item, use your Premium Coupons.
  2. Merry Tidings Cover: Merry Tidings Cover is the mask used on the face and with the Merry Tidings Set it looks matching. If you have got the above set, then it will look half complete with this mask.
  3. Merry Tidings – DP28: Here comes the masterpiece everyone beloved DP-28 skin. This DP skin with this set looks fantastic. If you are the fan of DP then this could be a worth buying item.
    Merry Tidings
  4. Merry Tidings – UZI: UZI is well known for high firing rate and mostly used in the close range fights. If you are interested in getting this incredible item, then my recommendation is to go with this. As it looks remarkable with this set and headgear.
  5. Merry Tidings Backpack: This Backpack skin is available in 3 Levels, and with each level, the look of the backpack changes. So you can get this backpack if you don’t have any skin of Backpack, otherwise there are many better option available to you.
  6. Present Sidebar Motorcycle: Currently this side seater motorcycle is getting more popular because in every crate the skin for this is coming. The first impression is really attention grabbing and will attract you towards itself.
  7. Present Set: The Present Set is really very funny, and I’m sure you are not going to love it for sure. It is very fat and green in color like a Christmas tree. With its items it will look very beautiful.
  8. Present Set Headgear: It is new green color headgear on Christmas theme. This green headgear with its present set is matching and look cool.
    Present Set
  9. Present – PP-19 Bizon: PP-19 Bizon is another amazing weapon that you can unlock in this Premium Crate. It is also a good choice when you have no any gun skin to use.
  10. Present Helmet: Here comes the last reward that is Present Helmet, available in 3 levels and with each level a new style appears.
    Present Helmet

Here is video tutorial for all the rewards and their demo is also included for your convenient. Just click on the video to start playing it.

These are the rewards that will be seen in the next premium crate. All these reward looks really awesome and fantastic. I will say if you have premium coupon then save it till the next one arrived and start claiming from wherever you can collect.

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