Free Character Voucher Event BGMI (Get Free Character)

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In this tutorial, I will let you know how to get the free characters in BGMI without UC. I will be sharing the genuine methods to unlock and get characters in BGMI. By following this technique, I and many other people have got it for free.

BGMI has many characters of which one is free, but the rest of the 4 characters come at a price, but all the characters can be available for free if you are following this article completely. All the characters have some special abilities and by using them your gameplay might become a bit easier for you.

BGMI Character List

BGMI CharacterPrice

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For this tutorial, we will be using the character voucher to unlock the characters, which can be easily earned by playing normal matches. So first get the character voucher and then redeem it with characters.

How To Get Character Voucher In BGMI?

  1. Login to the game > Click Events
    Login to the game srcset= Click Events”>
  2. In Recommended go to, Anna Joins The Battle!
    In Recommended go to, Anna Joins The Battle!
  3. Complete the tasks and collect free character vouchers
  4. Collect sufficient amount of vouchers and keep them in inventory

Note: You can collect a free character voucher in any event and use it to unlock them. Currently, the event is going on the occasion of Anna’s Character launch.

How To Unlock Free Character In BGMI?

  1. Go to Inventory > Tap on Character Voucher > Use
    go-to-inventory-tap-on-character-voucher-use (1)
  2. Use the arrow to change character > Click Purchase
    Use the arrow to change character > Click Purchase”></li>

<li>If you have sufficient Voucher, the chosen character will be unlocked</li>

<p>This is how one can unlock and get free characters in BGMI as well as PUBG Mobile. You can look for more events like this and some of the free characters by using this character’s voucher card. In case you have any issues, please let us know in the below comments. </p>
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